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How2 Build a Financial Portfolio

Let's start at the beginning

Ask yourself a few questionsStockButton

  • What type of portfolio do you have?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Do you feel comfortable?

Unfortunately, all too often this is the type of portfolio I see

  • I think it will do well.
  • I hope that it does well.
  • I pray it does well, but I have no idea how or why it should do well.

We can teach you HOW your portfolio should work and WHY it works the way it does.

REALITY of the Market

  • Losses from Oct. 2007 to Mar. 2009 were over 40%
  • How would you feel if that happened again?  If you're retired it could be devastating!
  • Learn our simple mix of Tactical & Strategic portfolios work together to limit downside risk.
  • Then add "a la carte" investments to customize to specific goals.

5 Key Steps

Begin by taking the Risk Tolerance Quiz based on the work of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics winning behavioral psychologist Daniel Kahneman.  Many folks hate losing more than they like winning. We’re complicated, emotional creatures, especially when it comes to money.

     (1) CLICK HERE to take the short Riskalyze Quiz.

     (2) Determine the actual risk exposure of your top 7-10 investments and then review their top to bottom losses in the Great Recession.

     (3) Determine the percentage of the retirement investments you have into 3 categories:

          ____% Guaranteed Assets where you can’t lose your principal but could possibly earn 3-4% per year and convert to monthly income in the future.

          ____% A Conservative to Aggressive foundation portfolio that, over time, might earn possibly 5-8% per year but be at risk in the market.

          ____% Additional investments to meet specific goals you may have such as Fixed Income, Large-Cap, Sector, US, Asia, Commodity, etc.

          ____% Fully liquid cash you may need on hand for personal or family emergencies.

     (4) Monitor the overall plan with at least 2 meetings per year.

     (5) Make portfolio adjustments as needed.

All the financial rules change in retirement.   We have a plan and a process that can help you create your own “Peace of Mind” retirement.


“You don’t know what You don’t know!”  

We can help clear that up!

Then consider taking all you know about your retirement on a "Test Drive" with me.  

I do it with retirees everyday, online from the ease of their home computer!

Everyone that has taken our Retirement Test Drive has gained new information about their retirement options.

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