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Our Investment Philosophy

Understanding RISK is Job#1 in Formulating a Successful Retirement Plan!    


We believe in Tactical Asset Management where our platform of Private Wealth Managers can go “Risk off” to cash, take advantage of the stock market if it goes up or down and can potentially earn money for our clients if interest rates increase or decrease.

For retirees, pre-retirees and conservative investors, we do not believe that “Buy & Hold” and Asset Allocation Models are appropriate, considering investor drawdowns/losses could be 50% in the S&P 500 as we experienced during the Great Recession.

Integrating investments with tactical low to moderate risk portfolios.

We believe in providing our clients with low risk and low volatility portfolio management. Through our Retirement Designed Money Management System, we look after our clients by providing them with portfolios to help protect what they’ve worked so hard to build. We help retirees who strive to secure a better retirement through our fee-based asset management, always ensuring their individual needs remain our top concern. We have access to a platform of Private Wealth Managers.

Helping to protect your long term investments so you don’t run out of money!

With corrections/bubbles happening every 6-7 years (2000, 2001, 2002 and 2008) and losing 30%, 40% or 50% as many as 4 times in the next 25 years, this is unacceptable and could cause retirees to become financially bankrupt.

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