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Retirement Test Drive

You have NEVER bought a car without a test drive first!

So, why on earth are you considering a 20+ year retirement without one?

You cannot possibly know HOW all your various income streams, expenses, taxes, inflation and market assets blend together 10, 15 or 20+ years out.

Answers you NEED to make good financial decisions!

If there was a missing fact or piece of information that might cost you and/or

your spouse dearly in retirement when would you want to find out about it?

Today?    5 or 10 years from now?      Never?

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We specialize in comprehensive retirement planning and can show you how all your retirement puzzle pieces fit together going out 30 years in your future.  THIS makes us different.

Our propriety "Retirement Test Drive" is one of the core items that makes us different from other advisors. Lots of advisors have some kind of generic planner aimed toward the masses. Our Retirement Test Drive was written by us based on the real world that our clients walk in the door with. Specific and accurate enough to give the engineer his required level of detail and very easy for others to grasp the basic retirement planning points with two graphs. I have found that even the "picture" person wants a few details and conversely the "detail & numbers" person likes the "bring it all together into one picture" at the end of the day.

Does "Peace of Mind" about your retirement future sound like something you might be interested in? How many years will you NOT have a job and work income?

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You cannot match the detail and versatility we can provide you with.  We use these to determine the “must know” critical facts you need to make sounds financial decisions that are in your best interest for the 20+ years you and/or your spouse will be in retirement.  You must ferret out all the financial myths, misconceptions and misbeliefs accumulated over your asset accumulation years so you can make sound financial decisions for your retirement.  When you retire – MANY  RULES CHANGE,  we will show you the ones.

What if "what you don't know" is critical to the success or failure of your retirement income plan?  Then what?  When would you want to know that - sooner or later?

A few things we cover in our Retirement Test Drive with your specific retirement puzzle pieces.

1. First we will agree on a few things like a reasonable inflation rate and do some guessing about your future tax brackets.  We will look at historical COLA's, Capital Gains tax rates and current IRS tax brackets.

2. Then we will take a look at the assets you expect to get you thru retirement.  We may discuss die too soon, die too late, who passes first, etc.  What does your "Pie" look like?  Here we will also talk about the "color" of your assets.

3. Then we will project some annual expenses and some infrequent expenses.  We will consider college cost, home repair, replacing autos, weddings, trips, vacation homes, Snowbirding and whatever else may be of value to YOUR quality of life in retirement.

4. We will then look at what active and passive income you have and how they may change going forward into your retirement.  We can inflate rental, pension or work income.  We can deflate royalties

5. We will have already looked at how to maximize your Social Security so we will be plugging in those figures.  We will also look at your life insurance needs for legacy, estate planning or charitable giving.

6. Specifics on savings accounts and CDs will be entered.  

7. All Qualified (401k, IRA & 403b, etc.) accounts and Non-qualified monies are looked at taking into account realistic returns, RMD's at 70, annual fees, income to live on and infrequent additions or withdrawals.  This is one of the more important sections of your plan.  Here we will talk about true "risk" in the market and how it relates to your money.  We will have a long conversation on the reality of how much you're actually risking and the reward you hope to get.  Several "what if" scenarios will be ran at

8. We include many income planning "what if" scenarios to see if they have a positive effect on your plans.  We can demonstrate several common retirement planning solutions and discuss the pros and cons of all of them.  In case no one has told you they are all "two edged swords" and we will discuss

9. Finally as we add, adjust, try this or try that.  Then we continually refer back to our 2 guiding charts and Recap sheet.  One for income, taxes and expenses the other is your working assets.  These are visual snapshots of your next 30 years.
Then - review and adjust annually, or as needed.

Start YOUR serious retirement planning in earnest today.  

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